Marco’s Pizza Coupons Unlimited Medium 1-Topping Pizzas $6.99 Each

Unlimited Medium 1-Topping Pizzas $6.99 Each

Marco’s Pizza Coupons Unlimited Medium 1-Topping Pizzas $6.99 Each

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Marco’s Pizza Coupons

The last time I went to a local Hardee’s, I noticed a line that was forming outside the counter at one of the registers and wondered what the fuss was about. I didn’t have a lot of cash on me and I figured I could at least grab a sub before heading back to my apartment. After being handed my order and paying for it, I realized that I had probably forgotten something. If I were in my apartment right now, I would probably forget everything as well. I really didn’t want to sit around in the line for a while longer because of these issues. That is when I realized that they don’t call them Hardee’s for a reason. I decided to go get a fresh drink and ordered an energy drink from the soda fountain, but when I got home I realized that the counter was closed.

Well, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to get a new order in, but I had spent way too much money with the Hardee’s coupons. I wasn’t going to lose a lot of money by going somewhere else, so I grabbed a slice of pizza and waited for my new order. A few minutes later, I came back to my desk chair to check my email and read an email that had been sent to me. It said: “We’ve recently ran a limited time offer, ‘Free Small Medium Large’ at this location”. The picture of the menu looked exactly like what I had at the Hardee’s. I couldn’t believe it. I was sitting right across the counter and I still had the option to pay with a credit card.

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